Why morning habits should be your #1 GOAL (NOT A PASSION) and what you can do about it! by Jeff Anello

It seems that I have way too many passions!!

There is a time where you are able to say: 
”This what I love and this is what I want to do” and by clearly defining what that is its important to take the next step of actions.

For example, people may write a Bucket List of passions, pros and cons, a schedule to finish a goal and find a win each day. Occasions where you can find yourself doing what you love doing are the opportunities that everyone dreams of when they are growing up. However, it's not the only thing we must  focus on, its not the only thing that matters, love or not - we must be SMART!

Fortunately, years ago I had a passion to be a singer, it took me my whole life to accomplish the goal of being recognized as a singer and yet that goal is still not completed.

Therein lies the problem.

Goals are great and passions are wonderful but if within that pursuit of a passion we tend to neglect everything else, was it worth it?

There must be an understanding that although we may not want to do something, because it's not something we enjoy or love doing, it must be done if it is a necessity of life. Yes, you are only one person and you may also know that it is difficult to do these task as an individual, without a team. You must mentally shift your passion and be careful of being overly passionate. 

There is never going to be JUST ONE passionate thing that you need to find and do and then magically once its done everything will be better.

You are a human being who can make their own decisions.

So do not define yourself by your passions, define yourself by your accomplishments and pursuits. The joy comes from doing those things that you love and scheduling time to do everything your body, mind and spirit needs.

Establish a routine or habit in order to grow both physically and mentally.

Consistency is the key. Through this process -  overtime - you will provide yourself with opportunities both physically and mentally that you never thought were possible.

Each morning of each  day there is always a choice about what to do. However, what seems to take over whenever we try to put our best foot forward is trepidation. Establish these small habits to accomplish big goals.

Habits take up 40% of our day - YES 40% !! It seems crazy to think that we are controlled by what we do daily more than what we decide to do, this is in part because our mental pathways are triggered to do what is the easiest path possible to do a task (like the simple chores we are inclined to do everyday)


In order to complete the necessary tasks it's important to establish a morning habit. The Miracle Morning written but Hal Elrod is an amazing book that chronicles the tasks necessary to provide a productive morning that can produce a productive day. I highly recommend to adopt a morning practice in order to feel more accomplished, alive and ready to take on the tasks ahead. Here are a few tips in the morning chores that will kick start your day and re-start your habits toward a more productive and happier you:


Work out

Once you wake up in the morning there are many benifits to working out. Some of which are because of our bodies metabolism usage once we are awake after a good nights sleep but the few that are important is time management and happiness.

The morning workout guarantees your to feel accomplished right away as well as provides endorphin to kick start a happier you before heading off to work and other obligations.

“A bout of exercise increases your focus on the next activity, because your body is aroused. What follows a morning workout? For most people, it's the office or school. Hence, one of the advantages of working out in the morning is that you're more alert during those later hours.” - Bodybuilding.com


Wash up

There are many benefits to showering at night, such as if you have dry skin or have a hard time getting to sleep but a fresh and clean body is always a great feeling to have, especially in the morning after a sweaty workout. Also, it is best to wash up in order to provide your body with a re-start to kick-start a productive and exciting day.

In fact, Hello giggle.com states that if “you work out in the early morning. Wouldn’t make much sense to get a shower at night, only to hop out of bed and hit the jogging track at 6 a.m. If you’re a morning gym rat, grab a quick shower after your workout.’

This one reason alone especially sold me the idea of the morning wash-up because if “you are a creative person (or need to be creative for your job). Taking a shower is a lot like meditating, because you enter a relaxed-yet-alert alpha brain wave state — a state that’s perfect for coming up with good ideas.”




Eating breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day because it provides better health benefits, greater energy, and provides cognitive function advances through the waking hours.

However, the main benefit is that if breakfast is eaten within two hours of waking and provides the calories of 20-35% of your guideline daily allowance (GDA). This means that we are less likely to compensate for bad habits later in the day.

Which means as long as “our body is provided with calcium, iron and B vitamins as well as protein and fibre we would be able to worry or think about those choices throughout the day. Freeing us from the guilt and shame and setting us on the course to give the body what it needs like Fruit and vegetables since they are a good source of vitamins and minerals.”

So try to include a portion of your daily five at breakfast, whether that be a banana or glass of fruit juice.” - www.shakeupyourwakeup.com



Meditate -

Not into sitting still and mediating? Just hear me out, meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system for relaxation, so if your mind races and worries then meditating helps delegate the “noise” into clearly defined places to process them. I

It also doesn't hurt that even a few minutes of silence the emotional energy boost is enough to provide “wake-up fuel” for the start of day, which can save you from relying on the usual morning ritual, like having a coffee.

Also, since “daily meditation helps to release stress, it can make you more compassionate — and in the process, you become less judgmental and critical of others.” - www.mindbodygreen.com

Create habits that will create a better you is a passion we should all aspire toward.


If you found this information valuable please share it with a friend or contact me at theanelloofficial@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer each and every email.

LOVE your LIFE and LIVE by Jeff Anello

We face a grave danger with our society, that we are breeding NON-passion seekers.

People who are content with a life of mediocrity . Passions are difficult to define and prioritize but if we assume the role as the Ugly Ducking and we pursue a passion to find others with feathers like our own we will find a purpose in our pursuit.

It is understood that passions will change over time and through that progress we may fail and hence we are scared to compete. We are scared because we may not be good at our passions but we need to break free from this mindset and be fearless passion seekers. Following your love, not in a self-centered view of the world but for others and the growth of humanity.

A study by Michael Stager states that people who participated in meaningful activities, the happier they were and the more purposeful their lives felt. Pleasure-seeking behaviors, on the other hand, like being selfish, lazy and even procrastination, did not provide any value or pleasure.

You see when I was just 16 my path was an eventual high school dropout.
The plan was to use my skills learned in a trade school, get a job, and hope to someday start a business of my own, but that skill wasn't what i wanted to do…..



So instead of accepting my impending doom like an elephant who is chained to a pole stuck in the ground, who can easily break free. I decided instead to graduated from high school and university, got a job teaching theater, performance and presentations and have inspired students; who has inspired others as well.

TIME.com states. “Altruism is hardwired in the brain and that through fMRI technology, and experimental research, we now know that giving activates the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by food and sex.”

A Passion Statement is a three-sentence summary of what you love about your job, expressed in keywords and phrases that HR and managers will recognize. So here are a few steps to help you clearly decide what is that you love and what to do about it:

1. Make a long list of the things you LOVE doing

2. Focus on doing 3 tasks needed to develop those skills

3. Schedule 2 hours a week to focus on a goal/project connected to #1 and #2

4. Care less about what others think - “if you don't like me go take a long walk off a short pier”

5. Finish the goal and celebrate your victory with others !!

Your ability to create something can inspire others to overcome  the fear of taking action because people will change when there is a strong emotional connection to the PURPOSE.

Humans are shifting from the realistic approach to the idealistic one but we still have a long way to go for everyone to understand and accept the abundance mentality.


People who are great at what they love to do will prevail with knowledge to educate the next generation in the skills needed to survive and thrive together. If we never realize that we are the ugly duckling we will pursue others objectives which ultimately breeds regret, resentment and destruction without ever realizing it until it may be too late.

Take action on your passions to pursue purpose and progress and LOVE YOUR LIFE!!


Article written by Jeff Anello

Win Win Situation = Dream Big + Win Big by Jeff Anello

What do you want to achieve? BIG goals? Sure, but before you do the work we must understand what it will take to get to where you want to be.

Dream BIG and then scale down.

When you dream big, set goals, plan for progress and take action it is the ultimate Win Win Situation.

Winning is an important factor to evolving and allows us to set goals that gives meaning to life.

This is vital because it allows people to grow confidence and develop skills that will benefit society and the human species.

Let me share with you an example of a Win-Win Situation. After being interviewed by SCMP about living with passion previous students wrote me letters about how my pursuit to do what I love and achieve my goals had inspired them to do the same.

“Mr. Jeff you are like water that helps me see my goal clearer.” - Performance Student

We may fear winning because those who win often receive a high amount of criticism, seemingly just for being successful but….

According to the 1968 memoir “The Double Helix” by Nobel Prize winner James Watson, for discovering DNA, there is a way to establish a process of progress called:

The Progress Principle:
The single most important things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, is making progress in meaningful work.


Everyday progress—even a small win—can make all the difference in how they feel and perform.


You see, the reason is because joy is found in accomplishments and in situations where you may feel scared or afraid to fail - even a small win is considered progress. We then can consider the possibility of changing and growing ourselves both physically and mentally.

This growth is a key factor to us humans to be able to strive and accomplish harder and more difficult tasks as we gain skills and knowledge of the subject. Let us not become complacent, in order to do more we must escape the acceptance of mediocrity.

Hence setting goals is the reason to contribute to the progress of the human species because people may remember what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel and that story lives on for generations ! Winnings inspires other to aspire for greater heights and possibilities.

4 question to find your Win-Win Situation:  


1: What do you LOVE doing?

2: How will you PLAN doing it?

3: When will you PRACTICE it?

4: How did you LEARN from it?




According to multiple peer review studies; being in an open netword of people who are supportive, instead of a closed-network is the best predictor for career success - Basically, connect with people to get the win and inspire others to talk about their passions !


An interesting myth compares a meal in both heaven and in hell. The feast has the same setting: a massive table covered with amazing succulent food. However, the utensils are way too long and the people can not eat with them. Those in hell live in eternal anger and hunger as they can not fear themselves. However, those in heaven, simply smile and use the long forks to feed each other. Perspective is different for each person and how you deal with situations shows character and ultimately change. Scientific data suggests that compassion is the intelligent path to process.


Let's remember that through our pursuit to find what you love, making a plan, practicing those skills and learning how to improve is IS A Win-Win Situation for humans today, tomorrow and for suture development.

Article Written by Jeff Anello  


It’s easy to point to the success of a major band or artist. We tend to see them everywhere, in magazine articles, performing at major events, photos or videos of them surrounded by a multitude of fans. This is usually due to having a record label or manager providing insight and even funding for the project. However, for many indie bands this process can be overwhelming and sadly the dream of making it BIG may end well before it even begins.


Here is my idea band story.


It was around 6pm and there I was standing on stage, staring out upon the abundantly large music festival set across the skyline of Hong Kong. It was the  beginning of the set. I held a sweaty mic in my hand, the vibrations of music engulfing the massive stage, and there I was realizing it was time to engage with this excited audience. It was not the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show, not for me anyway. For me, it was time to put on a show for everyone attending.


I reverted back to my theatrical background.

#1. Made eye contact

#2. Motioned or gestured them to come to the stage

#3. Smiled to seem nice and inviting :)


Suddenly, my brain snapped back into the moment my body was experiencing. There I was rocking out on stage with my band mate at Clockenflap with all these awesome people. This is what success feels like.”


Yet, how we arrived at that moment is a very different story.


In 2015, My indie band project, The Anello was awarded Hong Kong's Best Local Band by HKELD. Hong Kong's Hottest Band by Boom Magazine and kicked-off Hong Kong's BIGGEST music festival ever at Clockenflap and even presented a musical presentation and talk at TEDx .


So while we’ve done a lot of cool things, the path to success didn't start out so remarkably. It took work to get to this stage.


From being able to establish the people you want to work with - to providing a powerful performance - to making your name and brand relevant.

So how did we do it?


Here are the 9 Strategies needed to get your band into festivals:


1. A Passion Statement

What do you want to achieve? Establish the BIG goals before you do the work in order to understand what it will take to get to where you want to be. Dream BIG and then scale down.


2. Establish a Team

Teamwork is Key: Know who you want to work with and who you don't want to work with. Communication is highly effective when people are clear. Focus on what is stated in your mission statement, if something is not working toward your goals and it has been communicated but not corrected then be brave enough to just say “NO” and let them go!


3. Music

Make Music! This is the most important and obvious answer however, many people don't focus on what they do with the music. If you have music recorded them make sure to post it and perform it. Promote an EP or an Album Release Party to get the word out that you make music. If no one knows about it then no one will talk about it! (Review Step 6 & 7 for big events)


4. A Powerful Performance

Prepare, Practice and then Perform! The old notion is to perform any and everywhere. This advice is valuable but not strategic. Before you agree to the gig know what the deliverables are for the band and the event. Again, if something doesn't seem right or goes wrong ex: tech rider, staff communication, sound system requirement, payment - anything that doesn't work, don’t do it! You want to make sure you are putting on an amazing show each and every time you perform.


5. Music Videos

Make a Music Video: The key here is to have a video of the band's best song with visuals that people can understand. Take the advice from others who have heard and seen your band, if they like it then use it! Quality isn't extremely important as long as the song is catchy and memorable.


6. Connect & Contact

Contact Everyone: This means EVERYONE including friends, family, venues, press, and of course the festival. Let them know you are performing, posting and making an impression on the music scene ! Also, keep a document with emails and contact info along with notes of people who respond to your music so that you can also establish VIP’s and re-contact people who care.


7. Press & Promotion

Present to Publications: Now that you have your music, your music video, contacts who care, and of course your mission in mind, it's time to tell everyone! If anyone likes it they will share your material, if they don't that is fine, don't get discouraged, keep pressing on and making your music marketed.


8 . Submission

Submit the Work: It's time to submit all materials you have created and information you have gathered from contacts and press to the festival. If all is suitable you will be considered in the top percentage of bands that make the cut to perform at the festival.


9. Work of Mouth

This is the hardest, yet most imperative tool available. Now that you have done all the hard work and submitted the materials, you need people to “go to bat” for you, to talk about your music with positive affirmations. It is vital to contact your VIP’s and any fans you have made to spread the word about your band, music, projects to anyone who they think could help get you in.


So there you have it!

The 9 Strategic Steps to get your band into music festivals.

Now remember each situation is different and although many of these steps may seem obvious the key here is to establish momentum. It may take months or years to prepare and perform to the festival's standards but don't worry because this process also builds positive momentum for your band. It is hard to take momentum and bottle it up so instead keep focusing on the next action necessary to live your dreams and succeed
on your mission.


You may ask yourself “What is my mission?” “What am I doing in life right now that is progressing my mission?” “What is the future going to look like?” and even “What is my plan to make this process easier and easier?”. Only you and the band can decide these answers but putting your best foot forward and establishing what success looks like for you then you can clearly move forward with your team on a successful mission.


So, if you or anyone you know is in a band and wants to find success then please share this article with them because as we all know life gets harder and harder and dreams grow bigger and bigger so if you practice the process the success will happen!

Article Written by Jeff Anello  

The Value of Preparation by Jeff Anello

How to give a Powerful Performance?


Prepare, Practice and then Perform! The old notion is to perform any and everywhere. This advice is valuable because it can help you work on the skills needed for a great performance but not strategic.

Before you agree to the gig know what the deliverable items are for the band and the event.

Again, if something doesn't seem right or goes wrong ex: tech rider, staff communication, sound system requirement, payment - anything that doesn't work, don’t do it!

You want to make sure you are putting on an amazing show each and every time you perform.

I recently had a an interview with the lovely Lauren James of South China Morning Post - Young Post. She was doing an interview and article for the youth magazine about The Anello returning to Hong Kong as a solo project and wanted to know more about what I had in store for this project that had become quite successful of the past year and it was tough for me.

Because this interview was so important I prepared for it the way I would any other interview. By listening and watching myself on previous interviews but this one I wanted to go in more relaxed and feel comfortable to speak about my passions regardless of the pursuits and pleasures of fame and notoriety.

It got deep. It got real and honestly and a bit of nervousness came over me because all of this was being recorded.

Regardless of the reason or pressure to present its always important to remember why we prepare for presentations either onstage, in front of others or during a one on one conversation.


- GAIN the attention of your audience
Focus and listen to what you're saying, and they will focus and listen to what you're saying.

- MAINTAIN the attention of your audience
Be yourself, use your talents, and for goodness sake try to keep them entertained!!!

- INTERACT with your audience
Now that you gained their attention make them apart of it, its real and live, make it that way!

Speaking about how in school growing up it was tough to do well and even to make friends. The ideas that I am in Hong Kong living my dreams and that pursuit could inspire others to do the same for their lives. That scared me. That was connecting.

Being homeless, poor, robbed, abandoned and almost died, more than once. Saying those words made me realize my past, and because of that past my future has become brighter because my present is better than what it was before.

Once I was able to share those thoughts with people I was able to clearly open up and realize that all those key areas I focus on in presentation were applicable to this situation as well.

Time to stop hiding behind  your past and take a stand for the future and prepare, practice and perform your best each and every time you can !

Article Written by Jeff Anello