The Anello is an innovative electronic and R&B/Pop sound mixing smooth vocals. Voted Hong Kong’s Best Band by HKELD, labeled Hottest HK Band by BOOM Magazine and Third Culture called them one of the TOP 5 international indie bands to listen to now. In the last year the band has toured North America, China, Vietnam and Taiwan including performances at TEDx and featured at Clockenflap. Collectively they have shared the stage with Turtle Giant, The Weathering, Noughts & Exes, GDJYB, The White Eyes and Eason Chan.

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Hi, my name is Jeff Anello. At 6 years old I would routinely impersonate Michael Jackson in shopping malls while people gave me money, at 19 years old I dropped out of college to start a band and at 23 I finally graduated University with a Theatre degree and a plane ticket to Hong Kong to teach performance. Achieved mulitple awards such as Best Artist of the Month and Best Hong Kong Band. I've even watched the Back to the Future trilogy over 100 times and know every line. I love to perform and I love singing. I love smiling. I love the NY Knicks and most of all I love life.

(Traditional Chinese - HK)

The Anello 分別被HKELD選為香港最佳樂隊及被BOOM Magazine 評為香港最熱門樂隊。去年,他們曾到中國、越南和台灣演出並被Third Culture稱為必聽的首五位國際獨立樂隊之一。與此同時,The Anello的EP發布演出亦獲Coconuts評為八月份十大活動之一,而他們於十月三十一日Munchies x Movember 的表演也得到Sassy HK列為最酷的萬聖節派對。除了以上的正面評價外,南華早報早前也曾報道過The Anello這支優秀的樂隊,按此觀看

以下是The Anello相關的影像: EP 發布派對、Next2Me 音樂錄像、Art Basel Vernissage Party、私人的天台派對近期的訪問TEDx 演講。想更了解The Anello,可在 Bandcamp 收聽The Next 2 Me EP及於FacebookInstagram關注他們或閱讀以下更多有關The Anello的介紹。

簡介: The Anello是一隊結合獨立、電子和R&B元素的創新音樂組合。他們曾被HKELD選為香港最佳樂隊及被BOOM Magazine 評為香港最熱門樂隊,同時亦獲Third Culture評為必聽的首五位國際獨立樂隊之一。去年,The Anello 分別於中國、越南和台灣巡迴表演。演出活動包括了Art Basel,Secret Island Party,TEDx 和最近的Clockenflap!當中The Anello亦曾分別和Turtle Giant,The Weathering ,Noughts & Eves,雞蛋蒸肉餅,The White Eyes和陳奕迅同台演出!

(Simplified Chinese)

The Anello 分别被HKELD选为香港最佳乐队及被BOOM Magazine 评为香港最热门乐队。去年,他们曾到中国、越南和台湾演出并被Third Culture称为必听的首五位国际独立乐队之一。与此同时,The Anello的EP发布演出亦获Coconuts评为八月份十大活动之一,而他们于十月三十一日Munchies x Movember 的表演也得到Sassy HK列为最酷的万圣节派对。除了以上的正面评价外,南华早报早前也曾报道过The Anello这支优秀的乐队,按此观看

以下是The Anello相关的影像: EP 发布派对、Next2Me 音乐录像、Art Basel Vernissage Party、私人的天台派对近期的访问TEDx 演讲。想更了解The Anello,可在 Bandcamp 收听The Next 2 Me EP及于FacebookInstagram关注他们或阅读以下更多有关The Anello的介绍。

简介: The Anello是一队结合独立、电子和R&B元素的创新音乐组合。他们曾被HKELD选为香港最佳乐队及被BOOM Magazine 评为香港最热门乐队,同时亦获Third Culture评为必听的首五位国际独立乐队之一。去年,The Anello 分别于中国、越南和台湾巡回表演。演出活动包括了Art Basel,Secret Island Party,TEDx 和最近的Clockenflap!当中The Anello亦曾分别和Turtle Giant,The Weathering ,Noughts & Eves,鸡蛋蒸肉饼,The White Eyes和陈奕迅同台演出!